About Us

Shreenath Agencies as a cluster of various sectors have started in the year 1999 by Maanoj Thakker (Founder of Shree Swastik Agencies). It is one of the leading organizations in the F&B industry and has been categorized in to various fields of foods, beverages, non dairy products, chocolates, and many more niche and premium products. With the encouragement and support from the customers, the company has been expanded to various sectors. The company has various distribution & services oriented companies and some of them are Shree Swastik Agencies, Shree Goverdhannath Agencies, and Shreenidhi Food Products.

We help various retail outlets like Hyper Markets, Chain Super Markets, Stand Alone Stores, Modern Trade format stores, etc.,. Our various institutions outlets include Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Premium Lounges, Coffee Lounges, Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurant and Catering. We are equipped with strong state wide distribution network for the products we represent and we aim both primary and secondary markets. We are harnessed with one of the strongest teams who are expert in the respective fields. Our man power includes Manager Operations, Ware house Manager, Sales Manager and Sales Executives.

Vision: We as a strong team aim to build a strong wide distribution network for the products that we represent in the industry.

Mission: As a agency clustered in to various sectors we aspire to reach both primary and secondary markets in the industry. We provide quality work at a very reasonable price. We care for your needs.

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